Tamil Diplomat

Let’s remember our Heroes who sacrificed their lives at battle fields on Nov. 27th. Call for clearing Mulangavil Thuyillumillam

The arrangements for observing the Maveerar Day on November 27th on a grand scale are in progress with the cooperation of parents of Maveerars and the Public, for remembering the Maveerars, who sacrificed their lives in the field of fire lighted for the liberation of Tamil people.

We are getting ready for the event that will make the souls of our children rest in peace. We, the parents of the Maveerars and members of the public had joined hands to observe this event a sentimental one.

From the 20th works for Maveerar day will commence and held daily at the Maveerar  Thuyillumillam.

Constructing the fence, designing the entrance, leveling the land, making torches, Preparation of the Main Flame post, Constructing the stage for the Main flame, Decorating with Red and Yellow flags, planting of the torch posts, Collection of coconut plants and fruit plants, and honouring parents of Maveerar are to be undertaken.

All Tamil people should get together shedding all our discrimination and rally together to remember our children on the same agenda od LTTE period and without  desecrating the holiness of the day, said the parents as well as the public.