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Let’s Safeguard children like our lives –Awareness creating events organized by NYS at several places

Several rallies for  Creating Awareness regarding sexual abuses against women and children were held and several places organized  NYS.

These rallies were held in view of the Children’s day with a theme of “Let’s safeguard of children like our lives.”

The students of the Jaffna St. Charle’s MV and prison official staged silent protests holding placards calling for the eradication of  sexual violence against Women and Children.

Vavuniya Divisional Secretariat officials  joined hands with NYS officials in staging  a rally under the ” We protest the increasing violence against Women and Children” banner.

Students and Teachers of Chavakachcheri area joined in such protest rally in front of Chavakachcheri Bus stand.

In the rally held at Purapporrukki Junction in Karaveddi ,several people including, The principal, Imayanan GTM School, K.Raveendran, Asst. Divisional Secretary, S.Rajiv, Immaiyanan East GS, S.Sutharsan, teachers students and general public.

The Principal,Teachers and students of Pandiviruchchan MV and officials of the Divisional participated                              in the event held at Madhu , under leadership of area NYS President, N.Jeyakanthan.