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Let’s usher in good governance and unity: President’s message

President Maithripala Sirisena has in his Independence Day message has stated that ehe celebration of this 67th anniversary of our Independence is of special significance as it sees the launch of a new era of good governance in the country. He said:

‘This comes with a new commitment to the unity of our people, to safeguard freedom and democratic rights, and proceed to a future that moves further from the re-emerging forces of colonialism.

The strengthening and progress of peace in our country requires social, political and economic policies that give the highest priority to the needs of the people. This includes social welfare, economic progress, and a determined move towards good governance, which is in keeping with the traditions of tolerance and understanding of our country.

This is also the time to remember the spirit of unity that has prevailed in our land through the centuries, and drives us to work hard to achieve national unity in all its aspects, with reconciliation that comes through ‘Metta’ or loving kindness to all.