Saturday 15 August 2020
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From the LG Election Arena

From the LG Election Arena

North is reverberating with expectations and counter expectations regarding the preparations of parties to encounter the forthcoming Elections. Tamil Diplomat shall bring to you from today matters, quotations statements etc.

  • The part taking of younger generation is necessary in the current situation: TPC
  • New alliance to put a full stop to the worst ever politics: TNPF
  • A new team with proper leadership is a must: EPRLF
  • EPRLF going on its own path for the interest of the Party: CM.
  • TPC will not go along the new alliance of  TNPF – EPRLF: CM
  • PLOT absent from TPC’s meeting yesterday.
  • TELO Secretary Srikantha invites EPRLF(Pathmanaba faction) into the fold of TNA.

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