Sunday 31 May 2020
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Limitless sand robbing  in the North- People gearing up for mass protest

Limitless sand robbing  in the North- People gearing up for mass protest

In a context where illegal sand mining is being carried out in abundance in all Tamil areas of the North, it has gone beyond all limits at all places.

Hence, the people are getting ready to undertake a mass struggle against this illegal sand mining. This illegal sand mining is being continues in all 5 districts of the North. The People are to encounter large scale Natural disaster due to this unplanned and excessive illegal sand mining.

By reason of this limitless sand mining saline water advance into agricultural land and other fresh water wells are being affected. Natural beauty of the landscape is obliterated and tourist potential are being undermined. Large trees are uprooted and collapse. Sea erosion is also caused. A tragic circumstance where, people are forced to displace from their lands has been created.

Although several people had raised their voices against this and people engaged in struggles, the sand mining continues unabated. People accuse politicians for their negligence towards this matter.

Sand mining is continuing at 47 places in Kilinochchi District, including Pannankandy, Thiruvaiyaru, Akkarayan, Konavil, Murippu,Kilaly Kandawalai Poonakary,Kowtharymunai, Elepahant Pass and Kallaru.

Areas including Parangiyaru,Paliyaru Odduchuddan Vavunikulam, Peraru, Kondaikadu, Nathikadal neighbourhood,Puthukkudiyiruppu, Devipuram and Suthanthirapuram in Mulaitheevu District are affected.

In Mannar District the places affected include Paliaru, Vellankulam, Moonrampiddi, Thevanpiddi, Aathimoddai, Kooraimadu,Periyapandiviruchchan, and Aruviyaru are affected.

Sand is mined in several places in Vavuniya District including Kanagarayankulam, Puliyankulam and Nedunkerny.

Coastal areas of  Varamaradchchi East, Maruthankerny, islands sector, and Ariyalai in Jaffna District are affected.

Some state officers are conniving with the sand smugglers and people who speak against are intimidated by the smugglers.

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