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Livestock are being sold to fend off prolonged drought: People of Delft express concern

Because of the dry weather prevailing in Delft they are being forced to sell their livestock to outside the people of Delft expressed concern. The 4,000 cattle which are available in Delft are varieties which drink more water. The milking capacity of the cows have gone down because of the water levels in tanks had drooped down.

As milk yield has dropped, the owners of the cattle are unable to earn substantial income and are unable to maintain their animals, which had pushed them into a position of selling the cattle to outsiders at prices determined by them.

” We are unable to care for the animals. A situation had occurred that the cattle had to be sold to outside areas including Jaffna, at prices quoted by the buyers”, they said.

There are around 4,.000 cattle which were brought in a long time ago. Their owners are unable to secure adequate income. Only 2 liters of milk could be obtained from each cow now, the owners pointed out.

Permission is granted transport the cattle recommended by the Veterinary Officer to outside. Further action is being taken to bring in good variety cattle,said the Divisional Secretary said.