Tamil Diplomat

Are you living in this distressing condition for 26 years, people from Matara ask Transit camp inmates with anxiety

The  people from places in the deep South like Matara, who visited the North under the aegis of Reconciliation group was so affected by the condition in which the inmates of Sabapathy pillai transit camp and Kannaki welfare cam, where the displaced people of Vali-North are housed exclaimed in anguish ” Are living in this distressing condition for 26 years?”

Even the people who were affected by the Tsunami on 2004 had been provided with all facilities in the south, by the state, their residences are reconstructed. But how come you are still living like this?. where are your residences?, Had the Government not taken any action f or you? they posed questions like these at the inmates of the camps.

In answer the camp inmates said that they are living here for 26 years, Our own lands have not been released to date, even though the war had ended long ago. Our lands are still under the control of the Army. Whenever we ask for the release of our lands the government always say that the southern people are objecting the release, they said.

The southern people assured that they have never objected like that. You want to live in your own lands. Nobody has the right to deny it. only some politicians and the racists are doing it. We have directly to you and we are very sorry about your situation, they said expressing their concern.