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Local Journalists not allowed to attend Modi’s function in the Library

The local and Colombo journalist who went to cover the event at the Jaffna Library were not allowed into the venue. Although the Indian Embassy had invited the journalist to attend the function, and in spite of them showing the invitation card, the officers at the venue were adamant in removing the journalist from there.

The main function was held in the auditorium, and the journalist were not allowed there. Then the journalist argued with the President’s Security detachment to no avail.  They asked why they are being insulted after being invited. However around 50 journalist were kept cordoned till the visiting Premier departed from there .

When the journalist try to photograph the Security Checks made on the Chief Minister and the Governor, The Indian Security personnel ripped off the camera and returned it after warning the journalist.

The journalist expressed their displeasure saying that  the this kind of problem did not occur when other International leaders came here.