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Lost three brothers, mother and brother in law: Testimony to Missing persons Commission

“ My brother who went to school on 2000.11.19 did not  return till evening. We searched for him in all places. Later we got information that my brothers body is lying in Santhyvelly. “ said N.Sivalingam of Kinniyadi Valaichenai to the commission in Kalivanchikkudy, Batticaloa yesterday with tears streaming from his eyes.

He further said that, they received the body of his brother Nadarasa Senthuran (19) from Eravoor hospital Mortuary.

“ Another brother,  Nadarajah Parameswaran(29), who went for mason work to Mavadivembu in 2005 went missing  and his dead body was found later. My elder brother  Nadarasa Vinayagamoorthy  went in 1985 for fish business and went missing. People in the area said that the Army had taken my brother.

Further in 1989 un-identified persons came in the night broke into our house and shot my mother in the head and killed her. I have also lost my brother in law in the same manner” , he said.