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Love isn’t a Transgender.. Irumugan Director

Chiyaan Vikram’s Irumugan is hitting the screens tomorrow and the fans are so anxious to watch the film on big screens. Directed by Anand Shankar, Chiyaan will be seen in two different roles – Akilan, Love.

Love is said to be a unique character, probably a transgender. But the director says a different story. “Love is not a transgender or anything like that. If some one dresses up as a nurse people think that he is a cross dresser. He enters a hospital and instead of beating up people, he changes himself dressing up like a nurse. There is nothing more to it.”

In a recent interview he said “From the trailer, people have deciphered it incorrectly. Vikram isn’t playing a transgender, and I believe I’ve made a character audiences will like and I haven’t portrayed it in a way it will insult anyone. Love is just crazy, and he doesn’t like doing anything predictable.”