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Loyola College in Tamil Nadu Assembly election poll results

32.6% were to support DMK J. CM high (31.56%) to support .. Vijayakanth 6.24%, 2.27%, to entrees Loyola Support Survey In the Tamil Nadu assembly elections, the BJP atimuka 37% of the opinion that it is possible coalition CM’s post: Karunanidhi (21.33%) than Stalin (27.98%), more support! – Layla opinion If you give money to a government job (62.8%), a puppet of the ruling party’s election commission (45.7%) – Survey There is no alternative to the AIADMK-DMK in Tamil Nadu, 53.4% ​​of people are saying this is the way! 59% supported the AIADMK government activity – the number one free mixer grinders Plan – 89%.