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LTTE’s laws effective…implement them…Civil Defense meeting

The Civil Defense Group meeting was held at the District Secretariat, Jaffna at around 1100 hrs yesterday with the District Secretary N.Vethanayagan in the chair.

It was accused that although information were passed to the police regarding Hard Drugs usage in Northern school, adequate action had not been taken by the police and the drug peddlers have links with the police and police themselves reveal the identity of complainants to the drug peddlers and repercussions  are caused to the informants by the peddlers. It was also pointed out the during the LTTE period effective laws were practiced and laws like that should be practiced now.

The Senior DIG, Northern Range, in reply accepted about the links between police and peddlers and said the very low here compared to the south. He also said that, the  LTTE laws are jungle laws and they could not be implemented now and promised  to form a special investigation group and take action against the drug peddlers.