Tamil Diplomat

M.K Stalin compliments TRAI on net neutrality

M. K. Stalin stated that he is pleased to see that TRAI has received an overwhelming response from the public on the net neutrality issue. Beyond the 1 million emails on net neutrality TRAI has received, the Department of Telecom has just called for a Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group to discuss net neutrality. This is an example of a positive result achieved by the voices of civil society and the public on an issue of common interest. The government and the private sector must find ways to collaborate meaningfully on this subject. The internet will and must play an important role in the development of the country and for the first time there is a platform that gives equal opportunity for everyone to gain knowledge and reap economic benefits.
It needs to be focused on increasing coverage & internet connectivity to rural areas – to expand the use of technology in solving problems. Democracies around the world have realized the potential of the internet and are using it in several innovative ways. From education to accountable governance, the internet can be used to empower people to make better choices for their lives. The internet is not just for the elite but for everybody. ‘I wish to see a Tamil Nadu, where internet access can one day become a civic right just like any other. I look forward to hearing the results of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group and also urge the Central Government to ensure that net neutrality is not compromised’, he said.