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Magistrate Court rejects application for banning Thileepan Commemoration 

The Magistrate of Jaffna Magistrate Court, Sinnaththurai Satheeskaran rejected yesterday an urgent Application by Jaffna Police to ban the Thileepan Commemoration to be held today.

Last Friday, Chief Police Inspector of Jaffna Police station and the ASP appeared before the Magistrate and submitted that :

* Arrangements are being made to commemorate the death of a member of locally and internationally banned Organization without permission of the JMC

* It instigate racism and religious extremism and detrimental to reconciliation.

*Will confuse the tourist and Sinhala people visiting North.

* It is un-acceptable that a member of a banned terrorist organization is being commemorated.

In reply Sumanthiran appearing for the Municipal Commissioner submitted that

* Thileepan lost his life in an non-violent struggle . At that the LTTE was not banned locally or internationally.

* Structures at site were constructed with government permission through Budget 2018.

* In the context of the Government had exhibited  LTTE weapons, boats and Bunkers at Mulaitheevu for tourists and Sinhala people, how could this memorial or commemoration could cause confusion.

After studying the arguments of both sides, the judge delivered his judgement at 2.00 p.m.

Rejecting the police application he said that As per the submissions of  Sumanthiran the commemoration is not illegal and the constructed structures had been done with Government Approval, and cannot be ordered to be removed.