Tamil Diplomat

Mahanayakes blame UNP’s inaction to threat in north

Mahanayakes resident overseas have condemned the United National Party for failure to take action against threats to national security prevailing in the north.

The Mahanayakes, resident overseas, have stated that the demand for federalism by Tamil National Alliance is a threat to the unity and territorial integrity of the country.

Addressing a media briefing, they stated that the country witnessed economic development and political stabilization after the defeat of the UNP. But the situation has changed after January 8 to the detriment of the country. They also charged that the incumbent government is not taking against the emerging threats.

Piyananda Nayaka Thera, Dhammarathana Nayaka Thera, Wimalasara Nayaka Thera and Shantha Thera addressed the press at the Abhayarama in Narahenpita yesterday.