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Mahinda reduced SLFP to non-entity: Chandrika in Kurunegala

Former President and Patron of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge has accused Mahinda Rajapaske for reducing the Sri Lanka Freedom Party as an unrecognizable entity. She was addressing a civil society meeting organized by Puravesi Balaya in Kurunegala yesterday.

She went on that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party that her father SWRD found and that her mother Sirimavo nurtured is no more. Due to the corrupt regime under Mahinda Rajapakse the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has become a non-entity.

She stated that she is retired and should be staying at home. But the efforts by Mahinda Rajapaske to return to politics and reverse the people’s verdict on January 8, she is compelled to engage in political campaign to deter such happenings in the interest of the country. We must first save the country to save the party.

She also reiterated that she would not step on UNP platforms. She was born an SLFPer. She would die an SLFPer.