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Mahindha should help to reach solution without creating splits : Sampanthan in front of Maithri.

Former government leader Mahindha should help to find a solution to the National ethnic problem which has been prolonged for 70 years, without causing splits, requested Era Sampanthan, the Leader of the opposition, in the presence of the Government Leader Maithripala Sirisena.

He was speaking in the opening ceremony of the new building complex at the Kaluwanchchikudi Base  Hospital in Batticaloa District. We are working devotedly through negotiations to draft a new constitution.

We think that through this we could achieve a permanent and just solution and that we could create peace on the basis of equal rights among the people.

Mahindha has said that through the new constitution we are going to divide the country. He should talk the truth. Within a unified country….within an undivided country… A solution should be created. This is the agreement. I invite Mahindha to be of assistance in our journey, he said.