Tamil Diplomat

Maithripala expresses displeasure over FCID investigation

President Maithripala Sirisena has observed that independent commissions should not be politicized. There is a purpose and policy for setting up independent commissions in the country.

He made these observations addressing an event held at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute recently to grant houses and land to security forces personnel.

He said: “As the President, as well as the Defence Minister, I express my strong displeasure and condemnation over taking three former Navy Commanders and producing them before court. If there is a problem about the Defence Ministry and various other agencies, there is an accepted way to investigate them. As the President as well as the Defence Minister, I should have been informed in advance.

The Executive has the power to appoint Director-Generals and Secretaries as per the Constitution. The people elected me as the President not asking for food, clothes or construction of roads. They wanted political reforms, protection of law and order, supremacy of the law, freedom, democracy, human rights and fundamental rights. When I am executing these things, I will not be submissive or under obligation to anybody. As the President I am bound to ensure the national security, to protect the tri-forces, give necessary facilities to them and protect their honour.

If the intelligence officials now in remand custody have allegedly committed any offense they should be tried in courts, after getting them released on bail. If not ensure their early release. The suspects have their fundamental rights to secure bail and get their case be heard before the courts of law.”