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Major General Chanakya Gunewardene absent Habeas Corpus postponed

The habeas corpus appeal filed on behalf 12 persons including the former political leader of LTTE, Elilan, was postponed to the end of the month by Mulaitheevu Court, as the Retd. Major General Chanakya Goonewardene, who was scheduled to give testimony yesterday was not present in court yesterday.

The habeas Corpus appeal for 12 persons in the LTTE Organization’s former political in Charge of Trincomalee was taken up before the Muylaitheevu court Magistrate,S.M.S.Samsudeen.

Senior Attorney at Law K.S.Ratnavel appeared for the plaintiffs. But the retired Major General Chanaka Goonewardena who was scheduled to give evidence yesterday was not present in court and Attorney at Law who appeared on behalf of Major General Chanka Goonewardene informed the court that his client is not present in the court because of his sickness and submitted a medical certificate to confirm it.

Although the Major General had already given evidence, some aspects of his evidence were to be clarified today. Since the Witness was not present the court adjourned the case to 30th of this month.

At the end of the war 12 persons including the LTTE’s  Trincomalee Political Leader, Elilan alias Sinnathurai Sasisatharan surrendered to the Army and subsequently were made to disappear and a Habeas Corpus appeal was filed by the relatives and the case is being heard currently.