Tamil Diplomat

Make easier the procedures for obtaining dual citizenship: Suresh Premachnadran

The Tamil National Alliance had requested the Government to remove the difficulties faced by people born here and had got citizenship elsewhere, in obtaining dual-citizenship and to make the Procedures easier. The official speaker of the Tamil National Alliance and Jaffna district Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran had issued a statement with regard to this.

It is stated in this report that:

Hundred thousands of citizens of this country had migrated to foreign countries and had obtained the citizenship of respective countries because of the abnormal situations, anti- democratic activities, that  prevailed in Sri Lanka and for economical reasons. Earlier, easier procedures were adopted in getting the dual citizenship by people who have obtained  citizenship like this. During the previous regime granting dual citizenship was suspended and later re-implemented with strict  regulations.

When you look at the current procedures it seems that people residing abroad are being looked up as criminals. Those who apply for dual citizenship are made to prove that they are innocent. Further it had been stated that these type of inquiries may be made through Interpol. All the races of Sri Lanka, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims alike, are living abroad with the Citizenship of their country of domicile. The number such people exceed a million. Majority of them are wishing to invest most of their earnings in their Mother country, Sri Lanka. On the basis that these are Sri Lankan Citizens by birth, the difficult dual-citizenship laws devised by the Government are seems to be meaningless, belittling our own countrymen and excluding the large amount of investments and foreign exchange that could flow into the country.

Even though they have obtained citizenships in foreign countries, they say that they are sentimentally proud of saying that they are Sri Lankans. They are the sons of this soil. The dual citizenship laws of Sri Lanka should be made easier to preserve their prestige and to honour their self-respect.