Tamil Diplomat

Maldives briefs Sri Lanka on sniper’s arrest

Maldives top representative in Sri Lanka has briefed the country’s foreign office about the arrest of a Sri Lankan sniper in the Maldives, the Maldives foreign ministry announced Monday.

In a tweet, the foreign ministry said Maldives High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Zahiya Zareer met with the Sri Lankan foreign secretary “in a scheduled meeting” Monday morning.

“… Zahiya meets Sri Lanka [foreign secretary and] briefs about the arrest of Sri Lankan national suspected of conspiring to assassinate Maldives president,” a second tweet by the ministry read.

Sri Lankan media reported on Sunday that Zahiya was summoned by the country’s external affairs ministry over a previous incident involving the repatriation of a Maldivian national from Sri Lanka wanted in connection with a recent plot to kill the Maldives president.

Sri Lanka extradited last week a suspect arrested in connection to an explosion aboard a presidential speedboat late September.

Ahmed Ashraf, known by his social media moniker of Shumba Gong, is a self-declared supporter of the embattled former vice president Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Ghafoor.

Sri Lankan authorities arrested him on the request of their Maldivian counterparts.( Haveeru)