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‘Mamanithar’ title forgotten in the memorial plaque for Mamanithar Ravi Raj, Condemnation from all around

The ultimate political title of  “Mamanithar” bestowed on the former Member of TNA, Late Nadarasa Raviraj has been forgotten (or eclipsed) in the memorial plaque of the Statue of Late Raviraj, opened in Chavakacheri yesterday. This has drawn condemnations from several directions.

Strong condemnations have been raised in social web sites that by avoiding the title, all those who are connected to statue had got ready to pursue a politics of hiding the history of liberation struggle of the Tamils.

A statue of Late Nadaraja Raviraj was sculptured and installed in front of the Chavakacheri Divisional Secretariat, with financial contribution of TNA MP M.A.Sumanthiran. Participating as the Chief Guest, of the event for opening the statue, TNA Leader Sampanthan, opened the statue.

In the memorial plaque of the statue, it has been only noted as “Hon. Late. Nadarajah Raviraj”. The title ‘Mamanithar’ bestowed by LTTE Leader Prabaharan has been avoided.  Few Nationalists were bestowed with the title ‘Mamanithar’, which is considered as the ultimate honour in the history of Liberation struggle of the Tamils. It amounts to a great historical mistake to remove the title.

Many protesters had demanded that that the title be included in the memorial plaque.