Sunday 20 January 2019
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Mandamus for Missing persons dismissed by Mulaitheevu Court

Mandamus  for Missing persons dismissed by Mulaitheevu Court

The three writs of Mandamus filed at the Mulaitheevu Court has been rejected by the Mulaitheevu courts and the cases for examining case reports has postponed to May 22nd  by Vavuniya courts, said AAL, K.S.Ratnavel.

When these three writs of Mandamus were filed at the Vavuniya Court, the Vavuniya court, called for the report of the Mulaitheevu  Court on the cases.

The Mulaitheevu court has reported that there are inconsistencies in the evidence as to the variety of the vehicles and their  numbers had not been clearly stated  and had directed that the defendants need not be held responsible for the disappearances .

The AAL for the plaintiffs argued that the Mulaitheevu court was only asked for a report and it has no power to pass a judgement. Following this the Vavuniya judge had postponed the case to May 22nd.



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