Tamil Diplomat

Mangala rubbishes GL’s view on release of political prisoners

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera has dismissed the view expressed by former Foreign Minister GL Peiris that the release of political prisoners is a threat to national security as nonsense.

Responding to the cautioning by G. L. Peiris, he asked whether Peiris wanted the suspects to be kept in prison permanently even if there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prosecute them

“Prof. Peiris is talking nonsense . He has forgotten that in January 2010 92 LTTE cadres were released on the then AG Mohan Peiris’ recommendations. Subsequently, another 45 were freed. But, Peiris, who was an influential Minister in the Rajapaksa government did nothing to prevent it. Nor did he object the way he is doing now. This is hypocrisy practised by Rajapaksa acolytes.

If senior Tigers such as Karuna Amman, Pillayan and Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP), who had been accused of committing very serious crimes could have been pardoned and given an opportunity by the Rajapaksa regime to live in luxury, it baffled him why the low ranking LTTE cadres could not be released and given an opportunity to mend their ways,” he posed.