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Manivannan sacked from TPNF, Party leader Gajendrakumar officially announce yesterday

The Leader of the TPNF, Kajendrakumar announced officially yesterday that Manivannan had been suspended from basic membership of the Front.

He announced this in the media meeting held at the Front’s Office at Kokkuvil. After being removed from the posts of National Organizer and Media Spokesman, by the Central Committee, Manivannan had answered the charges and the Central committee examined the reply of Manivannan and found it not satisfactory.

Attorney at Law Visvalingam Manivannan has been suspended from the basic membership. This has been intimated to him by e-mail and the decision will be also send by registered post.

14 days have been granted to Manivannan to answer the charges and then a disciplinary inquiry will be held against him. We hereby inform the people that Manivannan cannot use the name of the Front for his activities, he further said