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Mannar mass grave and well to be investigated separately

The CID yesterday informed Mannar Court yesterday that they are handing  over the investigation of the suspected – mass grave-well to Mannar Police, as that sort investigation does not come under their purview.

Hence, it had been decided to undertake the investigations of the mass grave at Thiruketheswaram, where remains of more than 80 persons were detected and the suspected mass-grave well sepertately.

The genetic report for the already recovered remains were not submitted, when that case before Mannar  magistrate  A.G.Alex ajah.The case was adjourned for November 13th.

Attorneys at law,G.Rajakulendra,V.S.Niranjan,Mrs.Ranitha Gnnarajah appeared on behalf of the missing persons along with the representative of Mannar Lawyer’s Association, M.M.Saburtheen.