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Mannar Mass grave case postponed to July 6th

The Mannar Mass Grave case was postponed to july 6th, when it was taken up before, Mannar District Magitrate, Alexrajah Aseervatham Gratian, on Monday.

On behalf of the Criminal Investigation Department, 4 officers led by OIC, IP, Ranasinghe, appeared before the court. Mannar District Land Surveyor, A.Thilipkumar also appeared with them. On behalf of the missing persons, Attorneys at law, V.S.Niranjan, Miss Ranitha Gnanarajah appeared before the court led by Attorney at law G.Rajakulendra.

PS Soysa testifying on behalf of CID, said that, they collected evidence from the people living at the site of the excavations and elders, who said there was a cemetery and a public hospital at the site as from long before 1950. The bodies had been buried as per religious rites because the hands and legs of the bodies were seen bounded together, he further said.

Attorney at Law, G.Rajakulendra, submitting his counter argument said, This matter put forward by the CID, had not been submitted as a report. Further the Chairman of the Mannar Town Council had submitted an affidavit to the court to the effect that there was no cemetery at the excavation site and the Parish Priest of the area had also said in his affidavit to this court that there was no cemetery at the site, he further said.

After hearing the arguments of both parties, the Judge ordered that evidence for the existence of a cemetery be submitted before the next date and to submit the report of the judicial Medical Officer on 6th of July and  that, exhumation will be done at the identified site from 17.08.2015 to 21.08.2015.