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Mannar mass grave not a cemetery earlier-CID in Court

When the Thiruketheeswaram mass grave case was taken up for inquiry before justice Alexrajah, The CID submitted a report that the University investigation had indicated that there was no cemetery earlier at the mass grave site. They have further stated that nobody had complained about any missing persons there and that the people are lethargic in this matter.

Opposing this report, the Attorney at Laws for the petitioners, V.S. Ranjan, G.Aniththa, Logu and Sabuldeen, said that the Survey Department maps show that there was indeed a well and resting shed at the location. Several others had also stated through Affidavits that, there was a cemetery at the spot. Hence, they said that the report of the CID is not complete.

The case was adjourned to the 5th of next month.