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Mannar Thiruketheeswaram human grave identified

The court proceedings and hearing for the cases on human graveyard pit in Mannar Manthai Thiruketheswaram held on 26.08.2015 at Mannar Magistrate court in front of Mannar Magistrate Asirvatham Christian Alexrajah.

In the hearing, on behalf of disappeared persons, Law and Development center lawyers Niranjan and Ranitha appeared. On behalf of the relatives of disappeared persons, Mannar Bar Association Senior Advocate M. Saburdeen, Advocate S. Primose, Sraiva, Jebanesan Logu appeared. There were several arguments put forth by these advocates on behalf of the relatives of disappeared people during the hearing.

Especially there were requests about Developing the models of skeletons found during enquiry for further laboratory tests, Exchanging them in proper manner, Having tests done by internationally recognized forensic technology, Sending them to experts in the field of forensics and archaeological departments.

The name of the laboratory and university where the discovered human remains sent earlier by Criminal Investigation Department was revealed. But the advocates raised an objection to that by saying there is no such university in USA.

Subsequently the magistrate enquired about few other points and ordered the well already found near the human mass graveyard pit to be identified by 26.08.2015 evening. He ordered this to Mannar Police Superintendent, Police in-charge at Mannar police station and Department of Land survey.

Based on that, that particular site was visited by Magistrate at around 3:30 PM in the evening near Thiruketheswaram Manthai mass graveyard pit. All the lawyers appeared on behalf of disappeared persons and their relatives went to this site along with him.

During this visit, that well was identified in the middle of broken trees and plates dumped near the said graveyard. Then the Magistrate ordered the broken tree pieces and plates to be cleaned and to make it ready for excavation on 28th August, Friday evening.

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