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Martyr Thileepan sentimentally remembered all over motherland

Lt.Col. Thileepan who died a Martyr’s death during his fast unto death protest with 5 demands against the IPKF was remembered sentimentally all over motherland yesterday. The main events were held at Nallur and The University of Jaffna. Tearful floral tributes were offered and and sacrificial flames lighted in remembrance of the dead Hero.

It was noticed that for the first time after the end of war Thileepan was remembered with much spirit, at several places.

The Commemoration at Nallur was organized by the Democratic Militants Party at the spot where Thileepan commenced his fast unto death. Several people including the TNA General Secretary Mawai Senathyrajah, NPC Leader of the House, C.V.K. Sivagnnam ,  and members, ITAK’s Thenmaradchi Branch President, V.Arunthavepalan, TULF president V.Anandasangaree participated in this event. Heavy presence of intelligence operatives were noticed during the event with the participant being photographed.

TNPF held the commemoration and a blood donating campaign at their Office in Kantharmadam. Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam and several others took part in the events there.

In the event in Mannar organized by the Public Organizations several VIPs and large number of people participated, including the Organization leader, V.S.Sivaharan.

Kilinochchi remembrance was led by MP S.Sritharan. T.Raviharan led the event in Mullaitheevu.

At a commemoration event held in the evening, at Nallur, large number of people including the NPC members paid their homage to Thileepan.

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