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Masala Padam – A film with tasty Ingredients says Director Laxman

Laxman Kumar director of ‘Masala Padam’  assertively  started   “None can figure out what makes a ‘masala movie’ to be so successful.  We wanted to missile on the formula and make it the line of our movie ‘Masala Padam’ .”

“In this film we have defined each character with major elements of a Masala movie.   Mirchi Shiva who is whimsical  with his acting represents comedy, Bobby Simha who has been phenomenal with his variations in dialogue delivery  has been  given minimal dialogues. His character is a rugged young man who approaches life in a heavier note. And debutant Gaurav’s character  is dedicated for some beautiful romance portion which have been the crux of most of the tamil cinema released so far and theater artist Lakshmi Devy for the sentiment portions that enrouting the family audience to theatres.” Carefully explained Laxman the cinematographer turned director.

“ Films Like ‘Jigarthanda’, Soothu Kavvum are new age films. We thought of encapsuling the masala genre with these kind new age narration.  The whole crew is of friends right from the producer to almost all the actors in this films. The shooting of the film was like a get together. The film will be a Summer release. ‘Masala Padam’ will be a family entertainer“ signed off  Laxman.