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Mass grave in Mandaitheevu, Sritharan MP urges Government to subject locations to excavation

Announcing in Parliament yesterday that there are mass graves in the wells and church premises, Sritharan, MP urged the government to subject these areas to excavation.

He reminded the house that, between 23rd August 1990 to 25th September 1990, around 150 youths were taken away by the Army and around 70 of them are on the missing list.

The Human Rights Commission had not taken any action on these incidents and that he is presenting these details to make the HRC to take action on these cases of missing persons, he said.

He informed the house that, he suspects that the bodies of these missing persons are buried wells of Semantheevu and in the premises of the Catholic Church in Mandaitheevu.

He demanded that excavations be done in these location and said that, this matter is further confirmed by the hiding of these location by concreting over them by the Army.