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Mass said after 26 years in the premises of the destroyed Urany St.Antony’s Church amidst tears of devotees

The KKS/Urany St. Antony’s church which was under the control of the army for 26 years following displacement people on June 15, 1990, had been completely demolished and destroyed. The Church had been demolished only after the year 2010.

Holy Mass was said by Rev.Fr. Jeyakumar at the point where the destructed St. Antony’s Church stood earlier,at around 4 p.m. yesterday. The Church Premises were released recently by the Army

Large number of residents Urany took part in the mass in tears. Saying the mass in open air sans any building or traces of them automatically made the tears flowing in their eyes.

 This Church which was built at a cost of 100 Million rupees had been demolished to ground level. The Church and the Parish house which were under the complete control of the Army had been semolished completely and area gives the look of an open air atmosphere.

The Urany people had offered several days’  earning through fishing and by making them labourers to unload ships in KKS harbour and dedicating their wages for the building fund of the Church.

People had gone to the church for worship during the years 1998, 2000 and 2010, with special permission. The church was in its complete form in those years. The destruction of the Church after the end of the war is act against Peace and justice the people said.

Not only the church but also the houses and buildings of the people in the surrounding areas had been been totally destructed. Will the Good governance Government provide funds for the re-construction of the Church, The people asked.