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Massive jungle fire in Mullaitheevu yesterday, 20 acre land area devastated

20 acre of jungle land in Mullaitheevu was devastated yesterday by a sudden fire.The fire was brought under control after two hours of struggle, it was reported.

The fire broke up at around 1.00 p.m. in an area in front of the Murukandy Temple and behind Vasanthypuram village. The fire was first observed by sentries on duty in the two Army Camps located in the area. The fought against the fire with water bowsers and tractors and brought the fire under control after around two hours, it is reported.

Because of the firefighting effort, the fire was prevented from entering residential area of the village. This particular is being used by the army men and the people. Large trees and other vegetation are found in this area. It has not been found out whether the fire was natural or a work of arson.