Tamil Diplomat

Massive opposition to TNA ‘give time’ decision: Gearing up to show NE wide opposition

Massive opposition has been raised from Tamil factions all around for the TNA decision to request granting more time to Sri Lanka Government to implement fully the resolution adopted in 2015 at Geneva in the UNHRC sessions. Discussions are being made to rally round public organizations to hold North East wide protest rallies against the TNA decision.

In a context where more than 100 political parties, public organizations, University community, Doctors Lawyers etc. have decided to handover memorandum calling the UNHRC not to grant any more time to the Sri Lanka Government, at the UNHRC’s Geneva Office, the TNA has excluded all opinions of Tamil factions and has adopted resolution supporting grating of time to Sri Lankan Government. TNA spokesman M.A.Sumanthiran announced the decision following the TNA Meeting in Vavuniya day before yesterday.

In a context where two constituent parties, TELO and EPRLF publicly rejecting the TNA decision oppositions are being raised from all around against the TNA decision.