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Massive Protest March to be held under the aegis of Tamil People’s Council

A massive protest rally is to be held under the aegis Tamil People’s Council demanding activation of speedy actions on war-tribulations including, Sinhala domination, Resettlement, International Investigation, Release of TPPs, and Finding out the missing persons.

The TPC had publicly called for the fullest support of all political parties, public organizations, trade unions and people for the massive protest rally to be held on September 14th at Jaffna.

Sinhala colonization and erecting Buddha statues are undertaken all over the Tamil areas, with an objective of, establishing Sinhala-Buddhist dominancy in Tamil areas. We consider these as activities to destroy all Tamil identities such as language, religious and cultural in the North and East. We consider this as a cultural Genocide. These activities which were undertaken in the east for several decades now, had transgressed into the North after the end of the war. The demands at the rally will include the following:

  • Activities undertaken to establish Sinhala – Buddhist dominancy should be stopped.
  • Lands occupied by the Army should be released in order to undertake complete resettlement of Displaced people.
  • Get the Army out of Home lands of the Tamil people.
  • Insisting on a full scale International Investigation for accountability for the genocide perpetrated on Tamil people.
  • Speedy action regarding missing persons.
  • Immediate release of Tamil Political prisoners and,
  • Revocation of PTA.