Thursday 9 July 2020
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Massive upsurge of people witnessed in “ Ezhuka Thamizh”  Rally, with all round support

Massive upsurge of people witnessed in “ Ezhuka Thamizh”  Rally, with all round support

Jaffna Town reverberated with slogans in the unprecedentedly attended “ Ezhuka Thamizh”   rally yesterday. The Rally was augmented by overall hartal and non attendance in schools and private institutions and absence of  transport paralyzing the whole peninsula.

The Declaration read by Dr.P.Luxman included the following main points.

*Genocide against Tamil people is being continued

*The Sri Lankan Government is not ready to be accountable, the International community should notice it.

*Our struggle is only for justice, not for reliefs.

*Our marine Resources being robbed by Southern fishermen.

*Sinhala  colonization in the Motherland areas.

Demands were as follows:

*Stop immediately the Sinhala Buddhistization!

*Revoke Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), immediately!

*Release immediately all Tamil political Prisoners unconditionally!

*Put forward just solution for people made to disappear !

*Stop Militarization of North and East!

*Re-settle all displaced people in their traditional lands.

*International Community undertake investigation on the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka!

 Heard in the Meeting at the end of the Rally

“Our People truly believe that India would put forward a solution to enable the Tamils to live in their traditional homelands using the legal right of self determination. The soft approach by India so far with regard to our ethnic problem we are sure would soon give way to a more dynamic approach which will ensure the protection of our identity and continued residency in our traditional homelands. We do ask India through our Eluga Thamil demonstrations to change their hitherto sterile attitude to a more robust and judicious one” – Former CM, justice C.V.Wigneswaran.

“Tamil people will be protected only if the North and East are merged.” – Suresh Premachandran , EPRLF

“Ezhuka Thamizh”   provided the stage for the people to get down into the street and sight against oppression.” – Jaffan and Eastern University student Federation. (Photo courtesy: Kirishanth Selvanayagam)

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