Saturday 8 August 2020
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Maveerar Day heralds the awakening of the Tamil people, says the CM, C.V. Wigneswaran

Maveerar Day heralds the awakening of the Tamil people, says the CM, C.V. Wigneswaran

The hope that the Maveerars will not allow any distress to befall them has risen among the Tamil people. Our race has awakened. I think that our people have started to realize themselves. They have started to realize their power. They have started to realize what their rights are.

The Maveerar day was not only commemorated in Thuyillumillams but the people have remembered their fallen heroes, lighting Sacrificial Flames in Temples and private homes. Since The Government which brought in Good governance could not turn to Violent Governance, stringency had declined.

I think that there two reasons for increase of sentiments of the people over that of last two years.

First is that the people who had suppressed their feelings and sentiments all these days , but, as the political situation had changed to a level where such suppression is not need, they have expressed their feelings for all the world to know.

The other reason is that a fright had formed among the people. Seeing that, the Sinhalese Leadership which offered to give everything except Tamil Eelam, while our Liberation Fighters were roaming the country, are now trying to ‘hold the carrot’ of giving the comforts in words only, Our Tamil people had been afflicted by a fear of  whether this much only will be given to us and whether their aspirations and basic requests will not be fulfilled, and thinking of the power available then  our Liberation Fighters were walking the mother Land had spontaneously gathered to express their Dignity and Honour.

Fearing that, our leaders will sell themselves and force half-baked solutions on them, they have sought to get content, in the memories of Maveerars.

People gathering in large numbers in Thuyillumilams  despite threats  at several places had given a headache to the Government, he had said in a press release  in a self designed question – answer format

One thought on “Maveerar Day heralds the awakening of the Tamil people, says the CM, C.V. Wigneswaran

  1. Kukmarathasan Rasingam

    A very good analysis. He is living with the people of the land and knows the pulse of the people. It cannot be forgotten the the so called ‘Good Governance’ is now submerged in Scams after Scams, Bond Scam, Ship Scam, |High way robbery etc, etc. Plundered the country more than the previous regime. Poor people both Sinhalese and Tamils have decided to discard these rogues and the next election will bring a lot of change in party politics.


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