Tamil Diplomat

Maveerar Day today. Thuyilumillams in invigorating appearance. All preparations complete

All Thuyilumillams in North and East have been cleaned, prepared for the great event today, decorated with the usual yellow/Red flags.

The committees for the observation of Maveerar Day , including the relatives of the Maveerars, representatives of political Parties and the public had announced that  all arrangements and preparations had been completed for the commemoration event in Thulumillams and in areas in close proximity to some former Thuyilumillams which are still under the occupation of the Army.

The Maveerarday is being sentimentally observed annually in North and Eastern Provinces and in Diaspora countries.

However after 2009 all Thuyilumillas were subjected to wanton destruction and desecration  by  the security forces in a planned way and various steps are being taken by them to prevent the Tamil people from paying homage to their dear ones who had laid their life for the political liberation of all Tamil people.

However for last few years  the people in spontaneous rising up had held the event almost equalizing the glory with which the day was celebrated in the pre-2009 period.Tthe remains of the destructed Kalaraikal (tombs) of Maveerars had been collected and memorial towers had been built for the event.

The Kopay police had filed a case to ban the Maveerar day observations and the although had banned the emblems and flags of LTTE in the event had not delivered any order banning the observation.

Further, The State Information Department announced  that the Government had not granted permission to observe the Maveerar Day.

But, the Tamil people are increasingly determined to pay homage to their loved ones, come what may be bans.

Accordingly, the Sacrificial Flames will be lighted at the traditional time of 6.05 p.m. with the usual pealings of Bells and the heart moving Thuyilumilla Hymn,

” Thayaka Kanavudan Savinai Thazhuviya Santhana Pelaikale….” ( which literally means ” Oh! our dear Sandal wood caskets who embraced death with a dream of home land…”

No speeches will be delivered in the event and the main flames will be lighted by selected Maveerar parents, the Organizing Committee had announced.