Tamil Diplomat

Maveerar Day will be celebrated without any hindrance, decision made in the Meeting of the Tamil Parties

The Maveerar Day , commemorating children of the soil who have sacrificed their lives for Tamil People should be held what hindrance may come, the a Tamil Parties yesterday decided.

Further, if it is necessary, we will talk with the Government, said the Leader of ITAK, Mawai Senathyrasa.

All Tamil Parties meeting was held yesterday, and he said as above while commenting on the meeting.

Elaborating further he said that, two matters were discussed in this meeting. First is to convene a meeting of the leaders of all parties to discuss about acting in unison. We discussed about Maveerar Day Commemoration. We decided to have talks with the persons in charge of each Thuyilumillam.

We will release instructions as to how the people should adhere to Health precautions while attending the commemoration, by next week.

We are determined that the blood relations of the Maveerar should pay their homage to their children. If necessary we will have talks with the Government regarding holding of the commemorations, he said.