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Maveerar Memories commemorated in the University of Jaffna students of all races participating

Maveerar week events were held in the University of Jaffna yesterday. It was an unprecedented event in the context of the government has announced ban on commemorating Maveerars and students of all three races participating along with the University community. Participants paid their homage to Maveerars and people killed in the war by way of lighting sacrificial flames, flower tributes and planting trees near the memorial inside and around the campus.

Maveerar week was earlier declared by the LTTE to remember their members who had sacrificed their lives in the liberation struggle on behalf of the Tamil people and the people who were killed in the war, from 21st November to 27th November, the latter being the day on which the first Maveerar, 2 Lt. Sankar alias Satiyanathan laid down his life for the people. Although, these commemorations were banned in post war years, Daispora Tamils made it a point to undertake Maveerar Day Commemoration on grand scales in their countries of domicile.

kaarthikaipooAlthough the ban is announced publicly by Sri Lankan Ministers, the university community including Lecturers, students and employees of the university, converged in front of Kailasapathy hall, planted trees around the memorial for Lt. Col. Thileepan, then went into the hall to observe 5 minutes silence with lighted candles, then came out to light sacrificial flame and to pay floral tributes at the ” KarthikaiPoo”  (Gloriosa superba) memorial in front of the hall. After the memorial events in the hall, the participants came out to plant trees around the campus.

Although, the presence of uniformed security forces were absent outside the campus, intelligence operatives were noted to be present.