Thursday 9 July 2020
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Maveerar Week commence under excessive monitoring of Security Forces

Maveerar Week commence under excessive monitoring of Security Forces

The Maveerar Week – 2017, commenced yesterday sentimentally under the tight monitoring of Intelligence units of the Security Forces. Commemoration was held at the memorial tower for first Maveerar Lt. Sankar located at Valveddithurai. Maveerar week observations were commenced sentimentally “also in the University of Jaffna.

The Maveerar Week -2017 commenced on a revival note all over the Tamil Homeland yesterday.

The event that heralded the Maveerar Week was held in Valveddithurai at the memorial Tower of first Maveerar Lt. Sankar. Valveddithurai Maveerar Week Organizing  Committee held the first event of Maveerar Week during the morningby cleaning the memorial and decorating it with white paint.

Later in the evening the relatives, neighbours and other public assembled at the memorial lighted sacrificial flames at the memorial and paid homage. Before this the mother of another Maveerar, Capt. Pandither, Sinnaththurai Maheswary  lighted the main ceremonial lamp.

For the first time after the end of the war, the portraits of Sankar Malathy Pandithar and several other Maveerars were placed in a special shed and homage was paid to the Maveerars.

Heavy monitoring by intelligence units and increased Police patrols were observable near and around the site of Commemoration. However the Organizing Committee had announced that on each day of the Maveerar week, homage paying will be held at the memorial.

Mother of Pandithar had said that these event are sans politics and that they are remembering our children and their sacrifices. Hence the Government and the Military should not pose any hindrance.

At the University of Jaffna, the premises had been decorated with flags and the students have commenced the renovation of the Maveerar’s Memorial at the premises. The have also illuminated with electric bulbs. The students announced that several had been planned for implementation during the Maveerar Week.

Jaffna uni maaverar naal 2017 Maaverar Naal jaffna uni

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