Tamil Diplomat

Mawai expresses hope that Resettlement will be completed with the release of Myliddy Harbor

The Secretary of TNA, Mawai Senathyrasa said yesterday that the a consensus has been reached with the  President and the Prime Minister on their opinion that the resettlement will be completed only if the Myliddy harbour is released and they have consented to release the Myliddy harbour.

The coordinating Committee meeting of the Thellipalai Division was held yesterday at the Thellipalai Divisional Secretariat and Mawai expressed the above hope there. A resolution was passed to the effect that when resettlement is undertaken in areas released in Vali-North, people of the respective Grama Officers’ divisions should be given preference.

Earlier, it was announced that the lands of the people are to be acquired for the Army and compensations will be paid. But, we intervened and stopped this conspiracy. We have got several areas which were hitherto not released to the people released. We have stopped several projects detrimental to people’s welfare.

I have categorically stated to the President and the Prime Minister that the resettlement will be complete only if Myliddy Harbour is released. They have expressed their consent for this. Our efforts will be continued until every inch of our lands are released.

A meeting will be held with the President and the Prime Minister in January for finding solution to the Land issues. We hope that favourable solutions will be reached in this meeting, he said.