Tamil Diplomat

Mawai faints in the Parliament complex

TNA Parliamentarian and the Leader of the Ilankai Thamizh Arasasuk Kadchi, MawaiSenathyrajah fainted yesterday in the Parliament complex. He was rushed by ambulance to Jayawardenepura Hospital immediately.

The TNA MPs were in conversation with three Canadian Tamils in the Parliament complex and Mawai was among them. During the Discussion Mawai suddenly fainted and was rushed to Jayawardenapura Hospital and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Little later he was transferred to an ordinary ward. He is not in any serious condition the Hospital sources said.

Earlier when the TNA’s May Day Rally was in progress in Kilinochchi in 2013, Mawai fainted on stage, while delivering his address. After this he again fainted while speaking in a meeting held in Thulasi Hall in Batticalpa on 31 May 2014.