Tamil Diplomat

Medical Consultations for the former militants commence tomorrow

The activity of granting medical consultations to former militants, who had undergone rehabilitation and integrated in to the society,  regarding their health  is being commenced tomorrow.

The former militants could receive consultations and services from doctors in selected hospitals in all 5 districts of the Northern province, said the NPC Minister of Health, P Sathiyalingam.

In a press communique he had released, he had said that:

As per the decision taken in the NPC, my Ministry had decided to pay attention on matters related to health affairs of the former militants. The NPC Ministry of Health had taken actions to provide Medical advice and care with regard to pre-emptive actions regarding their health.

Those who wish to be availed with these services are asked to go to the reception of selected hospital and proceed to places allocated for the purpose.The first stage will start tomorrow.