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Medical Faculty Studies Building at Jaffna Teaching Hospital to be erected as planned : Director, Sathiyamoorthy

The Director of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, Sathiyamoorthy said yesterday that the Medical Faculty study course building complex,  to be constructed at a cost of 720 Million will be constructed as planned.

This complex is to be built in the 4 acre land allocated to the Medical Faculty, in the western part of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. This Building Complex is to be constructed with the 720 Million allocated by the Ministry of Higher Education. This   8-storey building complex will house Different Units of Medical Faculty Study Courses and units that will provide the students with several study courses.

The construction will be under the Medical faculty of Jaffna University, but when patient services begin to function, those will come under the control of the Director.

There was some disputes of opinions regarding the surgical facilities to be established in one of the floors. But discussions were held with relevant people and a cordial decision had been reached. No doctors or others hindered the construction of this complex, All the staff will provide their support for the project, he said.