Friday 15 November 2019
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Muravodai Sakthy Vidyalaya play grounds encroached by Muslim Individuals

Muravodai Sakthy Vidyalaya play grounds encroached by Muslim Individuals

The play ground of the Muravodai Sakthy MV, coming under Kalkuda Educational Zone, Batticaloa  has been encroached by private Muslim individuals.

The  students of the school, their parents and village people joined in a attention drawing protest yesterday. A part of the grounds has been fenced off and robbed by few Muslim Families they said. This land had been given to the school by the Land Commissioner General, through the Department. The students used this land as their play grounds. Although complaints were made to relevant Officials no action had been taken.

The above protest rally was organized by the School Development Committee and the protesters carried placards saying :

* We want our grounds!

* Remove the fence!

* We want our ground for us to play!

* Get out of the grounds!

It is notable that, the chief priest of Mangalaramaya in Batticaloa, Ampitiya Sumanarathne  Thero  was also present at the protest in moral support and was a recipient  of the memorandum.

Addressing the people at the protest he said that, not only in Muravodai but also also all over Eastern Province, the Lnads of Tamils are being robbed by Muslim individuals. Lands had been robbed at Thalavai area. The biggest Muslim University in Asia is being constructed in Punanai on several acres.The Tamil people affected by war are being isolated, he said.

Muravodai Protest

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