Sunday 20 October 2019
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Meeting with Security Forces Officers not positive: Conditions from the Army

Meeting with Security Forces Officers not positive: Conditions from the Army

The Navy has announced that the release of Mullikulam lands not possible immediately and the Army has indicated that they will need 8 years to release even non-security related lands, in a high-level meeting held yesterday at the Ministry of Defence presided by Minister of Resettlement D.M. Swamynathan regarding the release of lands of people in Northern Province occupied by the Security Forces.

This meeting had taken place in a context where several struggles are taking place in NP for the release of the lands.

While it was expected earlier that a solid decision will be reached in this meeting, a representative who had taken part in the meeting said that there is no use in this meeting.

People’s representatives had mentioned about the struggles going on currently. However when Kepapulavu was taken up, the Army  had said that if alternate lands and compensation is paid, lands could be released in two weeks.

Regarding Mullikulam, the Navy had said Prime Ministers stand is also their stand. As lot of smuggling is going on through Mulikulam , it cannot be released , the PM announced in the Parliament.

The Military side had also said that lands will be released in stages before 2025.

The representatives of the people said decisive answers could be reached only if meeting are held with the presence of President and the Prime Minister.

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