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Memorials are destroyed, but memories are un-destroyable:Ainkaranesan

Memorial shrines of the people who sacrificed their life for the people and this had been destroyed.But the memories cannot  be destroyed from the minds of the people. We will felicitate their memories by planting trees, said NPC Minister Ainkaranesan, inaugurating the tree planting campaign at Iththavil in memory of Maveerars on the Maveerar Day.

It is our traditional right to commemorate the dead. It is our duty to commemorate the memories of the Maveerars who sacrificed their lives for our political emancipation. When that is done collectively, its power will be enormous. That is why the government is preventing it. If we go down fearing these bans, we will be always subjugated to others. We all don’t want another war. Our Youth should not return again to the path of violence. But we have to fear that, that may happen.

It is not a simple thing that a student sacrificed his life because of the lethargy the Government is showing in the matter of release of TPPs. The Government should stop unleashing oppression on Tamil people and grant them their Political Solution, he said.

Large number people including the NPC members S.Pasupathypillai, P.Ariyarathnam, E Arnold and P.Kajatheeban participated in this event. All the public who participated in this event were gifted with a coconut tree each.