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Merger of N & E: Sumanthiran told a lie about Muslims’ support: Hisbullah

The statement of TNA MP Sumanthiran that former leader of SLMC, Ashroff had accepted and supported the merger of North and East, is a lie. As a person who trekked the political path from the very start, I know very well that, Leader  Ashrof neither accepted the merger nor supported it, said the State Minister Hisbullah.

“When Ashrof was alive, agreements in writing, regarding NE merger had been made and the SLMC is insisting even today that those agreements are still valid.” , Sumanthiran had said.

Commenting further on this Hisbulah had said that, North and East were merged under the pressure from India. Leader Ashorf put out a demand for separate Muslim Province within the merged N&E. If there is any agreement Sumanthiran should publish that. Issuing statement without publishing the agreements amounts to slinging mud on the Late Leader and we see this as an attempt to degenerate the faith Muslim people had on the late leader and nd his Leadership, he had said.